Program Navigators, Inc.

Enterprise Project Management


Effective enterprise project management delivers improved business results. It transforms inputs into customer-focused outputs that produces value-added customer outcomes. It represents a fundamental shift from functional organizations to project-based organizations that work in cross-functional, multidisciplinary, deliverables-focused teams. Often team members are geographically dispersed and advanced technology and collaborative tools connect the players. Enterprise project management acts as the team play book.

How Program Navigators Helps

At Program Navigators, designing, developing and implementing enterprise project management is core to what we do.  We have tested and proven methodologies to achieve better business results in diverse industries such as aerospace, public transportation, biotechnology, telecommunications and construction. Working closely with you, we tailor our methodologies to fit your organization’s culture, maturity and structure, and then integrate them with your existing business processes. 

 Benefits of Enterprise Project Management

  • Serves as a foundation for improved business results and organizational maturity. Integrates the processes, tools and skilled people that deliver strategy to customers.
  • Produces plans of what an organization will deliver to customers, how long it will take and for what cost.
  • Forms a basis for controlling and managing success.
  • Provides reliable, repeatable and predicable information needed to make better decisions.


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