Program Navigators, Inc.

Portfolio Management


Effective portfolio management ensures a company’s programs and projects are driven by strategic goals and prioritized accordingly. It produces balance among competing opportunities.  This maximizes value and return while managing risk.

How Program Navigators Helps

Program Navigators helps you develop and implement portfolio management to guide your project selection and direct your allocation of limited resources. We can help you apply portfolio management to any type of work, from capital expansions and new product development to internal improvements and technology projects.

We help you choose one of several portfolio models or customize a combination of several portfolio processes to meet your needs. Simply put, one size does not fit all. We also work closely with you to define the key parameters to use when selecting and managing your programs and projects at the strategic level. We evaluate your need for software tools to support your effort and help integrate your portfolio management system with other systems to provide improved decision-making. 

Benefits of Portfolio Management

Portfolio management ensures you are working on the right projects at the right time. Portfolio management:

  • Ties program and project selection to strategic metrics.
  • Drives the selection of the right programs and projects.
  • Offers objective criteria for project selection based on process, not politics or emotion.
  • Brings focus to the organization’s program and project effort.
  • Manages strategic risks.







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