Program Navigators, Inc.

Program Management


Effective program management serves as the implementer of an organization’s strategy. It is the infrastructure that collects and analyzes project information across an enterprise. In turn, program management uses that information to manage cross-project dependencies and optimize resources in a way not possible at the individual project level.

How Program Navigators Helps

Program Navigators measures your current program management capabilities against your program needs. We then help you design, develop and implement a program management infrastructure. We also help you develop and implement the methodologies and processes required to manage a program, including installing a program office.

Benefits of Program Management

Program management provides a broad view of your company’s project efforts and crystallizes your organization’s processes. Program management:

  • Manages multiple projects in a coordinated and synergistic way that cannot be achieved by managing projects individually.
  • Provides infrastructure to collect and analyze program and project information enabling better, more timely decisions.
  • Identifies and integrates inter-project dependencies for scheduling and resource optimization.
  • Leverages resources and reduces time to market while driving down cost.
  • Implements strategy by linking strategy to projects.
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