Program Navigators, Inc.

Program Offices


Effective program offices are key enablers of improved business results. They come in many forms and can serve a variety of functions. Program offices can add value at the strategic, portfolio, program or project level of the organization. They range from pure project support offices to being accountable for directly managing programs, projects and project managers.

How Program Navigators Helps

Program Navigators has a strong track record of helping companies and government agencies design, develop and implement program offices. Using our proven methodology, we can help you realize the significant benefits of operating the right type of program or project office. 

We design, develop and implement your program or project office with both short-term and long-term goals in mind. The short-term focus delivers results right away and the long-term focus recognizes that program and project offices go through life cycles of their own as your organization’s needs mature. That’s why our solutions are flexible and scalable over time.

Benefits of Program Offices

Program offices help you deliver business results. A program office: 

  1. Acts as champion and manager of organizational improvement programs.

  2. Develops and maintains program and project systems, processes and standards for consistency and continual improvement.

  3. Provides cost and scheduling support giving program and project managers more time to manage.

  4. Streamlines the flow of information and facilitates communication.   


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