Program Navigators, Inc.


Our Services Support You in Many Ways:

Consulting Services

We use our ‘Framework for Results’ to assess your current capabilities and capacity in a number of areas.  We work closely with you to jointly develop a plan to implement improvements then help you implement and monitor the improvements.

   Project Transition Teams

If speed to market is critical and you are at capacity then Program Navigators will deliver your work for you, next we will do your work with your teams while training them and lastly we will transition the work to your teams as we move into a support role.


We provide Direct Application Method training that uses your actual projects to coach and mentor your teams so real work gets done as processes get implemented and skills and knowledge get transferred. We also provide Awareness Training that introduces new concepts and provides a common vocabulary. 

Areas of Focus:

Strategic Alignment

Portfolio Management

Program Management

Program Offices

Project Management


Planning Facilitation 
Project Scheduling
Cost Control and Reporting
Risk Management
Process Development
Program Offices
Project Partnering

Web Hosting Companies