Program Navigators, Inc.

Strategic Alignment


Effective strategic alignment is achieved when a company’s project work is driven by strategy and delivers value-added outcomes to customers. When a company is in strategic alignment, it operates using goal-focused roadmaps to produce business results. It has a clear customer-driven purpose for accomplishing their work. Companies reach their goals with programs and projects aligned to strategy.

How Program Navigators Helps

Program Navigators uses a series of assessments, facilitated processes and organizational models to capture your organization’s strategies and measure how your work supports the strategies. Strengths, opportunities and gaps are discovered and documented. 

We assess your organization’s capacity for change, history in dealing with change and other cultural issues. By drawing on various tools, we test your organization’s vision and maturity as well as examine its project inventory, sponsor development, stakeholder analysis, business case development, benefits mapping, alignment bridges and project justification processes.

Strategic alignment is hard work. It takes commitment. We roll up our sleeves and work beside you to achieve success.

Benefits of Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment enables improved communication about what is important to your organization. Strategic alignment:

  • Helps management ask the right questions.
  • Provides management a foundation for improved strategic decision-making.
  • Pushes decision-making down in the organization.
  • Launches value-based metrics.
  • Shortens time to market by working on strategy-driven projects.
  • Provides a basis for program and project prioritization. 
  • Brings focus to overworked resources.
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